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School Uniform
Reay School Uniform
Reay School Uniform Items

We consider it important that children attending Reay Primary School come to school in an appropriate form of dress, which will not only be functional but will help them to adopt a responsible attitude to the school and the task of learning.  The Governing Body, in consultation with parents, have recommended that school uniform should be encouraged and that the standard form should be as follows:

Girls’ Wear:

Grey skirt or pinafore dress, culottes or uniform trousers (not fashion trousers or jeans); yellow polo shirt; grey cardigan or school grey sweat shirt; black shoes which may be buckled, laced or slip-on and white or grey socks or tights.

Spring/Summer – optional: Yellow checked dress, grey cardigan, white/yellow socks.

Boys’ Wear:

(All year round) Yellow polo shirt with school logo or white shirt with school tie.  Long or short plain uniform trousers in charcoal grey; school grey sweat shirt; black shoes and plain dark socks.

PE and Games:

Girls and boys: black shorts, yellow polo or PE shirt and black plimsolls.

Please make sure that, in the interest of hygiene, children need a separate polo/PE shirt from normal school wear for PE.

All children need PE shoes and socks.  Junior children may wear trainers for outdoor PE.  

PE kit should normally stay in school throughout the week; we suggest however that it is taken home about half-termly for freshening up!

The following items can be purchased from Wearabouts in West Norwood:

  • Yellow polo shirts
  • Grey sweat shirt
  • Black PE shorts
  • Yellow PE shirts
  • Ties
  • Book bags

    You can also order the above items via the Wearabouts website

Labelling articles of clothing:

Please ensure that every article of your child’s clothing is clearly labelled for the sake of our time and your money!  It is particularly important to check that clothing is labelled when new items are purchased or when clothes have been washed many times as labels may have come off or faded.


Wearing of jewellery of any kind is discouraged.  We are unable to accept responsibility for the care of jewellery or for any personal damage caused by the wearing of jewellery items.