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Reay is a popular small school with one class in each year group. Pupils are admitted without reference to ability or aptitude and there is no discrimination on the grounds of sex, race or religion. Most people live within a short walking distance of the school.

From September 2010 the way we measured the distance from school to each applicant's home changed. The distance is now measured with a straight line 'as the crow flies'. This removes any ambiguity, in line with the latest government guidance and revised Lambeth admissions policy.

Procedure for admission into Reception Class

All applications for places in Reception class are now co-ordinated centrally by Lambeth, prioritised in accordance with Reay's Reception Class Admissions policy. In order to be considered for a place applicants must complete:
  1. The Common Application Form should be completed and returned to Lambeth School Admissions Team either electronically or by hand (or the local authority where you are resident) in accordance with the local authority admission process

The closing deadline for the submission of applications for Reception is 15th January
The National Offer Day for Reception places for will be on 16th April

Procedure for admissions into Nursery

We have popular part time and full time (funded and fee paying) nursery classes for children over three years old. Applications are accepted once the child is two. Children in Reay Nursery do not automatically get a place in Reception Class, and need to apply for a place in Reception class at the appropriate time. Where there are more applicants than places, priority will be given according to our Nursery Admissions Policy.

Procedure for admission after the start of Reception up to Year 6

Spaces occasionally become available in other year groups as children move away. We maintain a waiting list of children who would like to be considered for a place should one become available. If you wish your child to be on our waiting list, please complete a In-Year Application Form at Reay. At the time a place becomes available, and we have more applicants than places, the place will be filled according to our published admissions criteria. All offers for these places will be made by the school.

Admission Policy:

Nursery Information Flip Book

Additional Nursery Hours Charging Policy September 2022
Reception Class Admissions Policy 2021/2022
Reception Class Admissions Policy 2022/2023

Application Forms:

Nursery Application Form 
In Year Application Form