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Throughout their time at Reay the children will be encouraged to be curious and independent leaners. Where risk taking is encouraged and mistakes are used as a great way to move learning on.

Whilst delivering knowledge and key skills our teachers plan carefully to make links between all areas of the curriculum. This leads to a deep and rich learning experience.

We have recently introduced “The Mantle of the Expert” which is an education approach that uses imaginary contexts to generate purposeful and engaging activities for learning. This links brilliantly with our current curriculum. The children’s understanding of historical and geographical facts are really embedded and deepened and the children feel in control of their learning.

English skills are greatly enhanced. The speaking and listening required in mantle sessions has led to children using rich vocabulary. The children work cooperatively and team work is strong.

Maths is developed through exciting investigations which build on well-taught skills.

We want learning to be a positive experience which creates skilled children with a life long love of learning.